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Native Americans

Lesson Plans | Primary Sources


Web Sites and Lesson Plans:

Celebrate Native American Heritage - 12 lessons to help students learn about Native American history and cultures. Included: Activities that involve students in dramatizing folktales, learning new words, preparing traditional foods, and much more!

5th Grade Native American Unit Plan
By understanding the origins of one’s country we are better able to understand ourselves and how we change over time. The study of Native Americans will make us aware of different cultures and perspectives. We will see how the original inhabitants viewed and treated their environment. After studying Native Americans we can be more reflective about our American culture.

Native American State Names - 26 states with names of Native American origin and the meaning behind each of them?

Native American Cultures Across the U.S. - How are American Indians represented in today's society? What objects and practices do we associate with Indian culture? What are some actual customs and traditions of specific Native American groups? What are some cultural traditions and customs that have changed over the centuries? Which ones have continued into the present?

Create your own Native American Board Game - Students will, discuss how games reflect a culture’s beliefs, priorities, and aspects of everyday life learn about a few games and toys of Native American children; and analyze basic elements of a selected Native American tribe in order to apply them to the creation of an original board game that can be played by today’s children.

Native American Thematic Unit for Kindergarten - Poems, counting games, literature, art activities and more wrapped around the native american culture.

Activities to Celebrate Native American Heritage - 12 lessons to help students learn about Native American history and cultures. Includes activities that involve students in dramatizing folktales, learning new words and preparing traditional foods

Primary Source Documents:

Native American Primary Source Documents - scholarly works published by the U.S. Government beginning in the early 1800's. All are cataloged and can be located by searching the Library Catalog or by using print indexes to government documents.
lesson plans american  indian removal act treaties laws native laws american indian tribescalifornia indians ative lenape  native american cherokee nation documents primary source indians

Native American Indian Documents - Footnote is proud to feature almost 2,000,000 Native American Indian Documents which our currently on the site. All of these Indian records are indexed as well as easy to search and view.

Understanding Primary Sources:Indian Removal
- Students analyze the words of two statesmen from the 1830s and write reports on the subject of Indian removal. During the 1830s the federal government under President Andrew Jackson advocated the removal of Native American tribes in southeastern states to western territories. This was a controversial act. Many citizens of Georgia and North Carolina welcomed removal because it allowed them to move into the Native Americans' lands. Other Americans felt removal was cruel and wrong

Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum - Blast stereotypes with across-the-curriculum activities for students of all ages. The activities and the Internet sites that are offered below are intended to help teachers present a balanced portrayal of Native Americans today -- their history, their culture, and their issues.

Many sites offer great resources to discover your own Native American history. has various resources to build a great family tree. Documents and records from Ancestry's obituaries, censuses, vital records, and birth certificates help discover your roots and know where you came from.




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lesson plans native cherokee lenape tribes trail of tears dawes act andrew jackson indian removal act

Indian Removal Act
The Aztec Empire
Teaching with Historic Places: American Indian History




A'ane (Aane, A'ananin), Abenaki (Abanaki, Abinaki, Abenaqui), Abnaki-Penobscot, Absaaloke (Absaalooke, Absaloke, Absaroke, Absalooke, Absarokee, Absaroka), Achumawi (Achomawi), Acjachemen (Acjachemem, Acjachamen), Acoma, Agua Caliente, Ahahnelin, Ahe, Ahtna (Ahtena, Atna), Ajachemem (Ajachemen, Ajachamem, Ajachmem), Akainawa, Akimel O'odham, Akwa'ala (Akwaala, Akwala), Alabama-Coushatta, Algonquians (Algonkians), Algonquin (Algonkin), Aliklik (Alliklik), Alkansea, Alnobak (Alnôbak, Alnombak, Aln8bak), Alsea (Älsé, Alséya), Amalecite, Anishinaabe (Anishinabe, Anishinabemowin, Anishinabeg, Anishinabek, Anishnabay), Aniyunwiya, Antoniaño, Apache, Apalachee (Appalachee, Apalachi), Applegate, Apsaaloke (Apsaalooke, Apsaloke, Apsaroke, Apsarokee, Apsaroka), Apwaruge (Apwarugeyi, Apwarugewi), Arapaho (Arapahoe, Arrapaho, Arrapahoe), Arikara (Arikari), Arkansas, Asakiwaki, Assiniboine (Assiniboin), Atakapa, Atfalati, Atikamekw (Atikamek, Attikamek, Attimewk), Atsina, Atsugewi (Atsuge, Atsugeyi, Atsukeyi, Atsuke), Araucano (Araucanian), Atzinca (Atzinteco, Atzintec), Ayisiyiniwok, Aztec 

Babine, Bahwika (Bhawika), Bannock, Barbareño, Bear River, Beaver, Bella Bella, Bella Coola, Beothuks (Beothuck, Betoukuag), Bettol, Biloxi, Black Carib, Blackfoot (Blackfeet), Blood Indians, Bode'wadmi 

Cabanapo, Caddo (Caddoe), Cahita, Cahto, Cahuilla, Calapooya (Calapuya, Calapooia), Carolina Algonquian, Carquin, Carrier, Caska, Catawba, Cathlamet, Catlotlq, Cayuga, Cayuse, Celilo, Central Pomo, Chahta, Chalaque, Chappaquiddick (Chappaquiddic, Chappiquidic), Chawchila (Chawchilla), Chehalis, Chelan, Chemehuevi, Cheraw, Cheroenhaka, Cherokee, Cheyenne (Cheyanne), Chickamaugan, Chickasaw (Chikasha), Chilcotin, Chilula-Wilkut, Chimariko, Chinook, Chinook Jargon, Chipewyan (Chipewyin, Chippewyin), Chippewa, Chitimacha (Chitamacha), Chocheno, Choctaw, Cholon, Chontal de Oaxaca, Chontal de Tabasco (Chontal Maya), Choynimni (Choinimni), Chukchansi, Chumash, Clackamas (Clackama), Clallam, Clatskanie (Clatskanai, Clackstar), Clatsop, Cmique, Coastal Cree, Cochimi, Cochiti, Cocopa (Cocopah, Cocopá), Coeur d'Alene, Cofan, Columbia (Columbian), Colville, Comanche, Comcaac, Comox, Conestoga, Coos (Coosan), Copper River Athabaskan, Coquille, Cora (Corapan), Coso, Costanoan, Coushatta, Cowichan, Cowlitz, Cree, Creek, Croatan (Croatoan), Crow, Cruzeño, Cucupa (Cucupá, Cucapá), Cupeno (Cupeño, Cupa) 

Dakelh, Dakota, Dakubetede, Dawson, Degexit'an (Deg Xit'an, Deg Hit'an, Deg Xinag), Delaware, Dena'ina (Denaina), Dene, Dene Tha, Diegueno, Dine (Dineh), Djimaliko (Djimariko), Dogrib, Dohema (Dohma), Duhlelap, Dumna, Dunne-za (Dane-zaa, Dunneza), 

Eastern Inland Cree, Eastern Pomo, Ecclemachs, Eel River Athabascan, Eenou (Eeyou), Eskimo (Esquimaux), Esselen, Etchemin (Etchimin), Etnemitane, Euchee, Eudeve (Eudebe, Endeve), Excelen, Eyak 

Fernandeno (Fernandeño), Flathead Salish, Fox, French Cree 

Gabrielino (Gabrieleño), Gaigwu, Galice, Garifuna, Gashowu, Gitxsan (Gitksan, Gitsken, Giklsan, Gityskyan), Goltsan, Gosiute (Goshute), Gros Ventre, Guarijio (Guarihio, Guarijío), Gulf, Gwich'in (Gwichin, Gwitchin), 

Haida, Haisla, Halkomelem (Halqomelem, Halqomeylem), Han (Hän, Hankutchin, Han Hwech'in), Hanesak, Hanis, Hare, Hatteras, Haudenosaunee, Havasupai, Hawaiian, Heiltsuk, Heve, Hiaki, Hichiti, Hidatsa (Hinatsa), Hinonoeino, Hitchiti, Hocak (Ho-Chunk, Hochunk), Hochelagan, Holikachuk, Holkomelem, Homalco, Hoopa, Hopi, Hopland Pomo, Hualapai, Huarijio (Huarihio, Huarijío), Huelel, Huichol (Huichola), Huichun, Hupa, Huron, Hutyeyu, Hwech'in 

Illini (Illiniwek, Illinois), Inca, Ineseño (Inezeño), Ingalik (Ingalit), Innoko, Innu, Inuktitut (Inuit, Inupiat, Inupiaq, Inupiatun), Inuna-Ina, Iowa-Oto (Ioway), Iroquois Confederacy, Ishak, Isleño, Isleta, Itza Maya (Itzaj, Itzah), Iviatim, Iynu 

James Bay Cree, Jemez, Juaneno (Juaneño), Juichun 

Kabinapek, Kahwan, Kainai (Kainaiwa), Kalapuya (Kalapuyan, Kalapooya, Kalapooia, Kalapooian, Kalapooyan), Kanenavish, Kanien'kehaka (Kanienkehaka), Kalispel, Kansa (Kanza, Kanze), Karkin, Karok (Karuk), Kashaya, Kaska, Kaskaskia, Kathlamet (Katlamet), Kato, Kaw, Kawaiisu (Kawaisu), Kechan, Kenaitze (Kenai), Keres (Keresan), Kichai, Kickapoo (Kikapoo, Kikapu), Kikima, Kiksht, Kiliwa (Kiliwi, Ko'lew), Kiowa, Kiowa Apache, Kitanemuk, Kitsai (K'itsash), Klahoose, Klallam, Klamath-Modoc, Klatskanie (Klatskanai, Klaatshan), Klatsop, Klickitat, Koasati, Kolchan, Konkow (Konkau), Konomihu, Kootenai (Ktunaxa, Kutenai), Koso, Koyukon, Kuitsh, Kulanapo (Kulanapan, Kulanapa), Kumeyaay/Kumiai, Kupa (Kupangaxwichem), Kusan, Kuskokwim, Kutchin (Kootchin), Kwaiailk, Kw'al, Kwakiutl (Kwakwala), Kwalhioqua, Kwantlen, Kwapa (Kwapaw), Kwedech, Kweedishchaaht (Kweneecheeaht), Kwikipa, Kwinault (Kwinayl) 

Laguna, Lakhota (Lakota), Lakmiak (Lakmayut), Lassik, Latkawa, Laurentian (Lawrencian), Lecesem, Lenape (Lenni Lenape), Lillooet, Lipan Apache, Listiguj (Listuguj), Llaamen, Lnuk (L'nuk, L'nu'k, Lnu), Loucheux (Loucheaux), Loup, Lower Chehalis, Lower Coquille, Lower Cowlitz, Lower Tanana, Lower Umpqua, Luckiamute (Lukiamute), Luiseno, Lumbee, Lummi, Lushootseed, Lutuamian 

Mahican, Maidu, Makah, Maliseet (Malecite, Malécite, Maliceet, Malisit, Malisset), Maliseet-Passamaquoddy, Mamaceqtaw, Mandan, Mangoac, Mapuche (Mapudungun, Mapudugan), Maricopa, Massachusett (Massachusetts), Massasoit (Massassoit, Mashpee), Mattabesic Mattole, Maumee, Matlatzinca (Maklasinca, Maklatzinca), Mayan, Mayo, Mengwe, Menominee (Menomini), Mescalero-Chiricahua, Meskwaki (Mesquaki-Sauk, Mesquakie), Metis Creole, Mewoc, Miami-Illinois, Miccosukee, Michif, Micmac (Micmaq, Mickmack, Mi'gmaq), Migueleño, Mikasuki, Mi'kmaq (Mikmaq, Mikmak, Mikmaw, Mi'kmaw, Mi'kmawi'simk, Mikmawisimk, Míkmaq, Míkmaw, Míkmawísimk), Miluk, Mingo, Minsi, Minto, Miskito (Miskitu, Misquito, Mosquito), Missouria, Mitchif, Miwok (Miwoc, Miwuk), Mixe, Mobilian Trade Jargon, Modoc, Mohave, Mohawk, Mohegan, Mohican, Mojave, Molale (Molalla, Molala, Molele, Molel), Monache (Mono), Montagnais, Montauk, Moosehide, Multnomah, Munsee (Munsie, Muncey, Muncie), Muskogee (Muscogee, Mvskoke), Musqueam, Mutsun 

Nabesna, Nabiltse, Nadot'en (Nadoten, Natooten, Natoot'en, Natut'en), Nahane (Nahani, Nahanni, Nahanne), Nahuat, Nahuatl, Naklallam, Nakoda (Nakota), Nambe, Nanticoke, Nantucket, Narragansett, Naskapi, Nass-Gitxsan, Natchez, Natick, Naugutuck, Navajo (Navaho), Nawat, Nayhiyuwayin, Nde, Nee-me-poo, Nehiyaw (Nehiyawok), Netela, Nevome, New Blackfoot, Newe, Nez Perce, Niantic, Nicola, Niitsipussin (Niitsitapi), Nimipu (Nimiipuu, Nimi'ipuu, Nimi'ipu), Nipmuc, Nisenan (Nishinam), Nisga'a (Nisgaa, Nisgha, Nishga, Niska, Nisk'a), Nlaka'pamux (Nlakapamux, Ntlakapamux, Ntlakapmuk, Nklapmux), Nomlaki (Nomalaki), Nooksack (Nooksak), Nootka (Nutka), Nootsack (Nootsak), Northeastern Pomo, Northern Carrier, Northern Cheyenne, Nottoway, Nsilxin, Nuooah, Nutunutu, Nuxalk, Nuxwstlayamutsen, Nxak'amxcin 

Oaxaca Chontal, Obispeño, Ocuiltec (Ocuilteco), Odawa, Ofo (Ofogoula), Ogahpah (Ogaxpa), Ohlone, Ojibwa (Ojibway, Ojibwe, Ojibwemowin), Oji-Cree, Okanagan (Okanogan), Okwanuchu, Old Blackfoot, Omaha-Ponca, Oneida, Onondaga, O'ob No'ok (O:b No'ok), O'odham (Oodham), Opata, Osage, Otchipwe, Otoe, Ottawa 

Pai, Paipai, Paiute, Palaihnihan (Palaihnih, Palahinihan), Palewyami, Palouse, Pamlico, Panamint, Panoan, Pantlatch (Pantlach), Papago-Pima, Pascua Yaqui, Passamaquoddy, Patuxet, Patwin, Paugussett (Paugusset), Paviotso, Pawnee, Peigan, Pend D'Oreille, Penobscot (Penobscott, Pentagoet), Pentlatch (Pentlach), Peoria, Pequot, Peskotomuhkati, Picuris, Piegan (Piikani, Pikani, Pikanii, Pikuni), Pima, Pima Bajo, Pipil, Pit River, Plains Indian Sign Language, Pojoaque, Pomo (Pomoan), Ponca, Poospatuck (Poosepatuk, Poospatuk, Poosepatuck), Popoluca (Popoloca), Porcupine Indians, Potawatomi (Potowatomi, Pottawatomie, Potawatomie), Powhatan (Powhattan, Powhaten, Powatan), Pueblo, Puget Sound Salish, Puntlatch (Puntlach), Purisimeño, Putún 

Quapaw (Quapa), Quechan, Quechua, Quilcene, Quileute, Quinault, Quinnipiac (Quinnipiack), Quiripi 

Raramuri (Ralamuli), Red Indians, Restigouche, Rumsen, Runasimi 

Saanich, Sac, Sahaptin, Salhulhtxw, Salinan, Salish, Samish, Sandia, Sanish (Sahnish), San Felipe, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Sanpoil, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Santiam, Santo Domingo, Saponi (Saponey), Sarcee (Sarsi, Sarsee), Sastean (Sasta), Satsop, Savannah, Sauk, Saulteaux, Schaghticoke (Scaticook), Sechelt, Secwepemc (Secwepmec, Secwepmectsin, Secwepemctsin), Sekani, Selkirk, Seminoles, Seneca, Seri, Serrano, Seshelt, Severn Ojibwe, Sextapay, Shanel, Shashishalhem, Shasta (Shastika, Shastan), Shawnee (Shawano), Shinnecock, Shoshone (Shoshoni), Shuar, Shuswap, Sierra Chontal, Siksika (Siksikawa), Similkameen, Sinkiuse (Sincayuse), Sinkyone, Sioux, Siuslaw, Skagit, Skicin, S'Klallam, Skokomish, Skraeling, Skwamish, Slavey (Slave, Slavi), Sliammon (Sliamon), Sm'algyax, Snichim, Snohomish, Songish, Sooke, Souriquois (Sourquois), Southeastern Pomo, Southern Paiute, Spokane (Spokan), Squamish, Sqwxwu7mish (Sqwxwu7mesh), Stadaconan, St'at'imcets (St'at'imc, St'at'imx, Stl'atl'imc, Stl'atl'imx, Stlatlimc), Stl'pulimuhkl (Stlpulmsh, Slpulmsh), Stockbridge, Sto:lo, Stoney, Straits Salish, Suquamish, Sulateluk, Susquehannock, Suwal, Swampy Cree, Swinomish 

Tabasco Chontal, Tachi (Tache), Tahltan, Tagish, Tahcully, Taino, Takelma (Takilma), Takla, Taltushtuntede (Taltushtuntude), Tamyen, Tanacross, Tanaina, Tanana, Tano, Taos, Tarahumara, Tataviam, Tauira (Tawira), Teguima (Teguime), Tehachapi, Ten'a, Tenino, Tepehuan (Tepehuano, Tepecano), Tequistlateco (Tequistlatec), Tesuque, Tetawken, Tete-de-Boule (Tetes-de-Boules), Tewa, Thompson, Tigua, Tillamook, Timbisha (Timbasha), Timucua, Tinde, Tinneh, Tiwa, Tjekan, Tlahuica (Tlahura), Tlatskanie (Tlatskanai), Tlatsop, Tlicho (Tlicho Dinne, Thlingchadine), Tlingit (Tlinkit), Tohono O'odham, Tolowa, Tongva (Tongvan), Tonkawa, Towa, Tsalagi (Tsa-la-gi), Tsattine (Tsa Tinne, Tza Tinne), Tsekani (Tse'khene, Tsek'ehne), Tsetsehestahese, Tsetsaut (Ts'ets'aut), Tsilhqot'in (Tzilkotin), Tsimshian (Tsimpshian), Tsinuk, Tsinuk Wawa, Tsitsistas, Tsooke, Tsoyaha, Tsuu T'ina (Tsuut'ina), Tualatin, Tubar (Tubare), Tubatulabal, Tukudh (Takudh), Tulalip, Tümpisa (Tumpisa, Tümbisha, Tumbisha), Tunica, Tupi, Tuscarora, Tutchone, Tutelo, Tututni, Tuwa'duxqucid, Tuwa'duqutsid, Twana, Twatwa (Twightwee) 

Uchi (Uche, Uchean, Uchee), Ukiah (Ukian, Uki, Ukia), Ukomnom, Umatilla, Unami, Unkechaug (Unquachog) Upper Chehalis, Upper Chinook, Upper Cowlitz, Upper Kuskokwim, Upper Tanana, Upper Umpqua, Ute 

Vaniuki (Vaniuqui), Varijio (Varihio, Varijío), Ventureño, Virginian Algonkin 

Wabanaki, Wailaki (Wailakki), Wailatpu (Waylatpu), Walapai, Walla Walla, Waluulapam, Wampano, Wampanoag, Wanapam, Wanki (Wangki), Wappinger, Wappo, Warijio (Warihio, Warijío), Warm Springs, Wasco-Wishram, Washo (Washoe), Watiru, Wazhazhe, Wea, Wenatchi (Wenatchee, Wenachee, Wenachi), Wendat, Weott, Western Pomo, Whilkut, White Clay People, Wichita (Witchita), Wikchamni, Wilewakiute, Willapa (Willopah), Winnebago, Wintu (Wintun), Wishram, Witsuwit'en (Witsuwiten, Wits'uwit'en, Wets'uwet'en, Wetsuweten), Wiyot (Wi'yot, Wishosk), Wobanaki, Wolastoqewi (Wolastoqiyik), Wyandot (Wyandotte), Wynoochie 

Yakama, Yakima, Yaquina (Yakwina, Yakona, Yakonan, Yakon), Yavapai, Yawelmani, Yaqui, Yinka Dene, Yneseño (Ynezeño), Yocot'an, Yokaya (Yokaia, Yakaya), Yokuts (Yokut, Yokutsan), Yoncalla (Yonkalla), Yowlumni, Ysleño, Ysleta del Sur, Yucatec Maya (Yucateco, Yucatan), Yuchi (Yuchee) Yuhaviatam, Yukaliwa, Yuki (Yukian), Yuma, Yurok (Yu'rok) 

Zapotec (Zapoteco), Zia, Zimshian, Zoque, Zuni